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A series of solutions to world problems? Get real! Well, actually, you may be surprised of what we are achieving NOW..We are recruiting NOW for International Ambassadors to drive our Planet, your home forward, not only for your benefit but for your children and their children. Is this the best legacy you can ever leave. Lets be frank, the large majority of us have a period of time on this planet, the quantity of which is unknown ; so, lets be proactive whilst we are here

What Can I do?

You can apply to become an International Ambassador of Solutions for World Problems by e mailing me at No experience required of diplomacy. Whether you are a vagrant with only occasional access via an internet cafe or ; a trusted politician with a PHD. We here at "Solutions" what to recruit the BEST and by that we mean the most pure hearted. You MUST approach the assignment with honesty, love and with a toughness that is concrete..change is the only constant. NO you wont get paid BUT you will mark your place in history......want to be a part of something exciting?

All we ask is that you write 100 words of how you can change the world and e mail me at


My children, your family, friends and neighbours. The people you love, the people that you have never be frank, 7 Billion of us...

Our office hours are:9-5